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Against the Storm Poster

Roguelite city builder set in a fantasy world tormented by the everlasting rain.

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Shattered Plane Poster

Turn-based strategy set in the Slavic fantasy universe inhabited by ferocious monsters and oppressed humankind.

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We’re a team of 5 friends with years of experience in AAA, indie, and mobile games development. Passion for memorable, genre-defining strategy and RPG games is what brought us together.

We’re indie for better or worse. You won’t see us grow in numbers dynamically. Tending to a project in a creative and supportive work environment is our recipe for success.

The most important decisions are made collectively and we get paid equally no matter the position.┬áThis is the Eremite’s way.



Participate in the open development, share your ideas in Community Brainstorms, or simply hang out with us when life gives you a hard time.

We’ll be there for you.