Haunted Ruins Update is ALIVE!

Oct 13, 2022

Viceroys, beware!

Viceroys, beware!

The new update is here to send shivers down your spine. Get spooked with:

  • 3 new glade events
  • 8 haunted ruins (new event type)
  • 5 new perks
  • New trader: Dullahan Warlander, the Hooded Trickster
  • Mystery Boxes*

*No, we’re not adding microtransactions. Got you frightened here for a second, didn’t we? Well, this Halloween is all about treats and no tricks!

Continue reading for our developer notes and the full changelog.


We’ve got some great news to share. Against the Storm will be available on Steam and GOG in Early Access on November 1!

Time until Steam & GOG release:








We want to thank all Steam Next Fest players for giving Against the Storm a try and sharing all your kind words, feedback, and suggestions. We’re happy to confirm that your progress from the demo will transfer automatically to the Early Access version, so get ready to spend all that hard-earned Citadel Resources on new Upgrades!

Against the Storm also supports cross-save between all the platforms so you will be able to continue playing if you decide to change the platform and will be awarded all the achievements you’ve collected before.


Today’s update has a very special, spooky theme. Not only because it’s almost Halloween but also because we’re slowly but surely approaching the big Steam release (and personally, I don‘t know what’s scarier). So this time around, we bring you some new creepy events, a shady new trader, many UI improvements, and updated resource nodes.

Hidden Trader Cemetery, Forsaken Crypt, and Haunted Ruins.

Let’s start with the events. You probably noticed that over the last couple of updates, we introduced a few new events that can be found in Glades. This is because we feel that this aspect of the game could use a lot more variety and we are dedicated to giving you even more fun things to discover in future releases. Today, we give you 3 new dangerous events, as well as a completely new type of object – haunted ruins. The latter are special buildings haunted by ghosts. They are more difficult to rebuild than other ruins but are way more powerful than their non-haunted counterparts. We decided to start with a small set of 8 haunted ruins, and if it turns out that they are a fun mechanic, we will expand this list and improve it.

Secondly – the new trader. His name is Dullahan and he’s not like any other trader. What makes him so special is the fact that aside from selling the usual resource or two, he also sells Packs of Goods (like Packs of Crops, Packs of Luxury Goods, etc.), and Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes are a new type of reward that doesn’t really tell you what’s inside until you open it. If you’re willing to risk your hard-earned Amber, you might try your luck and hope for some very useful perks and resources… or useless junk! See, the trader is called a trickster for a reason.

Dullahan Warlander, the Hooded Trickster.

Last but not least – UI improvements and polish. We implemented another set of highly requested usability options from the Feature Request Tool and Discord. For example, the option to prioritize nodes and recipes in camps, showing the trade value of items, highlighting a species’ panel when it’s favored, and many more. We also decided to update some of the graphical assets in the game, especially the resource nodes and crops planted on farm fields. We’re doing this because some of our models and textures were originally added in a bit of a rush and now they stick out when compared to other assets. We’re far from done with this so expect more polish in this area of the game in the future. We also know that some of you want to see more variety and character in building models, and we will take a look at that too.

Crops: planted/grown.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new changes. And if you’d like to share your ideas for upcoming updates, here are some useful links:

Have fun and may the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games


Number of changes


Inspired by community

Changes marked with ⚡ were inspired by community.

New content and features

  • ⚡ Added 3 new dangerous Glade Events.
    • Fishmen Cave
    • Forsaken Crypt
    • Hidden Trader Cemetery
  • ⚡ Added a new type of Glade Event – haunted ruins.
    • Right now there are 8 Haunted Ruins in the game, and they can be found in place of normal ruins in Glades.
    • Haunted Ruins can’t be simply rebuilt. They have a working effect tied to them, but no consequence if not taken care of. 
    • If rebuilt, Haunted Ruins turn into a more powerful version of the building they once were (for example they produce more, or have more housing slots).
  • Added a new trader – Dullahan Warlander, the Hooded Trickster. 
    • This new trader sells metal, fabrics, crafting materials, and Packs of Goods.
    • Dullahan doesn’t have perks or blueprints like other traders. Instead, he sells Mystery Boxes, which contain hidden surprises (unknown perks and goods).
    • The Hooded Trickster can be unlocked by finishing the Against All Odds Deed.
  • Added 5 new perks that can be found in Mystery Boxes sold by the Hooded Trickster. 
    • … but they are a mystery.


  • ⚡ Lowered the base food consumption rate on the lowest difficulty level – Settler. Villagers will now have a chance of eating less when on a break. This change was implemented to make the game easier and more manageable for players who are just starting out or want to have a more relaxed experience.
  • ⚡ Removed two Forest Mystery slots (one negative and one positive) from the Settler difficulty. This change was implemented not only to smooth out the difficulty curve, but also to limit the amount of things players have to keep track of on the lowest difficulty level.
  • ⚡ Improved map generation in the first two tutorial games to make the experience more manageable and to remove unnecessary distractors.
  • Slightly extended the list of goods desired by traders. Some of them would buy a very small pool of resources.
  • Added house ruins (species-specific housing, Big Shelter) to Glades.

    Nodes priotization.

    UX/UI improvements

    • ⚡ Added the option to prioritize recipes in Camps. It works exactly the same as in workshops (higher priority goods are collected first, equal priority goods are collected alternatingly).
    • ⚡ Added the option to assign priority to resource nodes on the map. 
      • Resource nodes can now be selected. Selecting a node opens up a UI panel on the side. 
      • In the node UI panel, you can assign priorities and quickly select a camp to build (the UI automatically shows blueprints compatible with the selected node).
      • Nodes with higher priority are gathered first. After they are depleted, workers move on to lower priority nodes. Nodes with the same priority are gathered alternatingly 
      • Recipe priority in camps takes precedence over node priority.
    • ⚡ Cleaned up some UI elements in regards to priorities.
      • Recipes can be assigned priorities from 0 to 3.
      • Nodes and construction sites can be assigned priorities from -5 to 5. 
      • All buttons used to assign priority are now pointing up or down (to make it clearer that a higher number is always a higher priority). 
    • ⚡ Added a trade value indicator to all goods in the game. Trade value is now also displayed in the Trade window.
    • ⚡ Replaced multiple icons with new, more readable designs (multiple resource category icons, Plant Fiber, Parts, Bricks).
    • ⚡ Updated the Atlas window.
      • Changed the layout of the window to be consistent with other popups. 
      • Added the Break Interval attribute to the species section. You can now see how often each species takes breaks. 
      • Added tooltips to all species attributes in the Atlas. You can now hover over attributes (like “decadent” or “demanding”), and see what they mean.
    • ⚡ Added a highlight to the species panel when a given species is favored. 
    • ⚡ Added a special marker to ingredient slots where more than one resource is selected.
    • ⚡ Added a tooltip for ingredient slots with multiple resources selected. The tooltip shows which goods are used in the slot. This tooltip can be turned on in the options menu (it’s off by default).
    • ⚡ Added an option to remove workers from a worker slot though the species select radial menu. You can now click a crossed-out sign in the middle of the menu to un-assign a worker. 
    • ⚡ Added a “menu” button to the game’s HUD. The ESC Menu can now be accessed without using a keyboard. 
    • ⚡ Added a message about unlocking new hub levels in the Citadel to the Hearth UI.
    • ⚡ Improved the objective text for Orders requiring the player to loot caches and invite new villagers.
    • ⚡ Added an option to invert camera zoom in the settings menu.
    • ⚡ Updated the Living Matter Farmer Deed description to clearly state that it does not take clones into account. 
    • ⚡ Changed the wording in the Game Result window. It now states that you won’t get any Citadel Resources, experience points, or Deeds if you decide to continue a settlement you won.
    • ⚡ Improved the alert system in the game’s tutorial.
      • The “mark trees for harvest” alert will now appear later. 
      • The “too many trees marked” alert will now appear less often.
      • The “complete orders” alert will now appear after a longer time of not completing orders.
      • Removed the delay on alert tooltips. 
    • Added a “click to expand category” footer to the resource category tooltip.
    • Perks sold by traders are now sorted by price.
    • Added an “achievements” filter to the Deed panel. Using it will place Deeds tied to platform achievements on top of the list.

    Bug fixes

    • ⚡ Fixed a bug with Cornerstones centered around upgrading hubs being offered to players without the correct upgrade level unlocked. 
    • ⚡ Fixed a bug with Orders centered around upgrading hubs being offered to players without the correct upgrade level unlocked. 
    • ⚡ Fixed a bug that made it possible to cancel Ghost Requests and make them impossible to complete by doing so.
    • ⚡ Fixed a bug with some Glade Events not counting towards Ghost Requests in the Cursed Royal Woodlands.
    • ⚡ Fixed a bug with the Parasites modifier showing an incorrect value in the tooltip. 
    • ⚡ Fixed an issue with camera panning not working correctly when holding the B key.
    • ⚡ Fixed an issue with the navigation arrows in the building panel working in the opposite direction.
    • ⚡ Fixed an issue with the Export Specialization perk showing an incorrect value below its icon.
    • ⚡ Fixed a bug with the filters in the Recipe Window not clearing after clicking on a resource in a recipe in a workshop panel.
    • ⚡ Fixed an issue with the “dangerous glades” entry on the scoreboard having an incorrect tooltip text.
    • ⚡ Fixed an incorrect profession name for the Brick Oven worker.
    • ⚡ Fixed multiple localization issues in Polish (a duplicated building name and incorrectly translated resource nodes).
    • Fixed a bug with World Map chests not displaying a tooltip when hovered over.
    • Fixed an issue with some Glade Event ground assets z-fighting with UI overlays (range indicators).
    • Fixed an issue with the solved Glade Event sound being too loud.
    • Fixed a bug with the World Map terrain disappearing under towns near the Smoldering City.
    • Fixed a bug with some tooltips being obstructed by other tooltips or the mouse cursor.


    • Updated models and textures for multiple resources and environmental assets in the game.
      • Roots
      • Grain
      • Clay
      • Stone
      • Copper
      • Coal
      • Vegetables
      • Fertile Soil
    • Updated farming animations for plants – idle, planting, and harvesting.
    • Updated the models and textures for multiple decorations.
      • Lamp
      • Road Sign
      • Signboard
      • Fence
      • Fence Corner
    • Added additional visual effects to workshops – a new smoke effect and sparks. 
    • The Japanese localization is no longer considered a community translation and is now fully supported.

    We want to thank you for all your contributions to this update. Your translations, suggestions, and reports are extremely appreciated! You can always track the progress of reported issues on our Public Bug Tracker.


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