Update Sneak Peek (& How To Prepare)

Nov 9, 2022

Greetings, Viceroys!

The first content update on Steam is coming tomorrow (November 10, sometime around 2 pm – 4 pm UTC). Let’s get ready!

In this article, we share a couple of tips on how to prepare for updates and what you can expect from the Royal Archeologist Update.


We release new content Updates every two weeks on Thursdays around 2 pm – 4 pm UTC. As we make multiple changes to the game’s systems, balance, and content, the game needs to force-finish any settlements that are in progress when you download the update. This aims to prevent various game-breaking bugs that could occur otherwise.

IMPORTANT: If you have a settlement in progress, it will have to be force-finished when you download the Update. You will be reimbursed with Citadel Resources but you will have to start a new settlement. Your meta progress (that is: Experience, Level, completed Deeds, unlocked Upgrades, Citadel Resources, etc.) will remain intact.

In the main menu, under the “Play” button, there’s a countdown to upcoming Updates. Please finish your current settlement before the update day if you don’t want it to be completed automatically.


We did our best to ensure that the Early Access program is as convenient for the players as possible.

The game keeps separate save files (and their backups) for different layers of the game:

  • Current settlement 
  • Current World Map cycle
  • Meta progress

No update will ever erase your meta progress – you will keep your experience and Citadel Resources across every update and the full launch. If we change specific Smoldering City Upgrades or remove them, you will get the invested resources back and be able to spend them on other Upgrades.

Your current World Map cycle (the distribution of your settlements on the World Map, other Factions’ settlements, chests, modifiers, etc.) is unlikely to be reset often.

However, your current settlement will have to be force-finished every two weeks when we release new updates. In return, you will be reimbursed with Citadel Resources which you’d normally get for the settlement.


We’re happy to unveil that Scarlet Orchard is getting a new look and its unique biome mechanic!

From now on, the Scarlet Orchard will be a region revolving around archaeology and exploration. When settling there, expect to stumble upon ancient excavation sites – big multi-stage events that require a lot of work and resources to be completed, but also give special and generous rewards. To help you find them, you can use a new upgradeable building that is only accessible in this biome – the Archaeologist’s Office.

Additionally, you can expect many improvements and fixes, many of which were directly inspired by your feedback and reports. Here are some examples:

  •  We’re merging the Embarkation Range and Citadel Vision upgrades into one.
    • Embarkation Range will allow players to move one field further, as well as see more of the map at the beginning of the cycle.
  • We’re adding an option to copy existing buildings. Simply press Shift when hovering over a building.
  • We’re adding an option to rotate buildings on the spot (for free). Simply press the rotation hotkey (R by default) when hovering over a building. The building must be moveable to perform this action.    
  • We’re adding a warning pop-up when a player decides to continue playing after a game has already been won. This warning occurs only once and informs the player that they won’t get additional experience points, citadel resources, or deeds.
  • We’re adding an option to the settings menu to turn off screen fog.
  • And many many more.

We’ll share the full changelog and our update notes tomorrow.

May the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games


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