We present you the results of the previous Community Brainstorm in which we discussed the “Crimson biome”’ name and ideas for new biomes.

Thank you for your participation and all the great suggestions!

“Crimson biome” is now the Scarlet Orchard

From multiple great ideas such as Crimson Glades, The Blood Fields, Rusty Groves, Scarlet Grove, Sanguine Orchard (and many, many more!), we decided to choose Scarlet Orchard. All the credit goes to the creator – AarkLight. Thank you!

The name was created from the biome name matrix that AarkLight introduced.

Garden Forest Grove Orchard Spruce
Scarlet Scarlet Garden Scarlet Forest Scarlet Grove Scarlet Orchard Scarlet Spruce
Sanguine  Sanguine Garden Sanguine Forest Sanguine Grove Sanguine Orchard Sanguine Spruce
Corrupted  Corrupted Garden Corrupted Forest Corrupted Grove Corrupted Orchard Corrupted Spruce
Rusty  Rusty Garden Rusty Forest Rusty Grove Rusty Orchard Rusty Spruce
Elder  Elder Garden Elder Forest Elder Grove Elder Orchard Elder Spruce
Fading  Fading Garden Fading Forest Fading Grove Fading Orchard Fading Spruce
Withering  Withering Garden Withering Forest Withering Grove Withering Orchard Withering Spruce
Bleak  Bleak Garden Bleak Forest Bleak Grove Bleak Orchard Bleak Spruce


You also shared some interesting thoughts about the Scarlet Orchard’s features and lore, such as:

  • This biome used to be just grasslands and forests, but following the carnage of the Great Civil War, it turned into the Scarlet Orchard. (Xellos)
  • The Orchard is an infested area, where plants and wildlife have changed due to the effects of the Rain. (Altivias)

This biome used to be a land covered in metal, but with time it corroded and turned into rust. It’s not suitable for farming, but a perfect environment for hunting (Parthon)

New biomes

You provided us with dozens of ideas for new biomes. We already know they will be great inspirations for creating new environments in the game.


Idea #1 – Coral Biome

A land resembling a Coral Reef, with coral trees and a colorful undergrowth. Woodcutters could collect stone instead of wood. (Mykin)


Idea #2 – Deep Biome

A biome that looks and feels like the bottom of the ocean – with seaweed trees, magical water essence floating around and wildlife resembling fish. (Kuroyuki)


Idea #3 – Giant Reeds

Wetlands or a Bayou type forest covered in giant reeds instead of normal trees. Woodcutters could collect plant fiber and giant roots. (Altivias, AarkLight)


Idea #4 – Sulfur Forest

A sulfurous land covered in geysers and weird rock formations. A perfect environment for Lizards, but a nightmare for Humans. (Parthon)


Idea #5 – Spiderlands

A biome with trees covered in thick spider webs. Silk could be harvested here and used to produce clothing. The main source of food could be spider eggs found on Glades.  (Parthon)


Idea #6 – Evergrowing Wilds

A biome where the forest is actively fighting the settlers. Trees grow back where they were previously cut down and bramble grows over pathways, slowly invading the village. (Xellos, Altivias)


Idea #7 – Ironwood Biome

A biome with a strong and resilient type of tree – the Ironwood. Cutting it down could require stronger tools and give some unique materials.The biome could have a rusty or grey color palette.  (Xellos)


Idea #8 – Mountain/Rocky Biome

A “forest” made out of walls of stone, rock formations, boulders and minerals, rich in resources such as crystal or quartz. (Xellos, Procane)


Idea #9 – Bamboo Forest

A wetland filled with giant bamboo plants, growing out of big bodies of water. It could require the construction of special bridges and floating platforms to access different parts of this “forest”. (Xellos)

Idea #10 – Lake / Swamp

A biome that is in essence a giant lake, overgrown with reeds, where Glades take the form of big Lily Leaves the player can build on. (Procane, Altivias)


Idea #11 – Volcanic Ice Sheet

An icy environment with high volcanic activity. Farming would only be possible on small patches of ashy soil near laval vents. (Mykin)


Idea #12 – Gelatinous Swamp

A biome where trees have blobs of slime instead of leaves and the ground is covered in a strange green mass. (Mykin) 


Idea #13 – Elemental Biome

A set of biomes themed around the different elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth). For example a fire biome could be a smouldering forest and glades covered in ash. (Kuroyuki)


Idea #14 – Mechanical Forest

A land covered in metal and mechanical parts. The trees could be constructs made out of gears and other moving elements. (apocalyptic-moon)


Idea #15 – Riverlands

An extreme biome with very little space to build, far less trees than the other biomes and lots of water. It could be hard to acquire food here, so it would require a lot of planning and established trade routes. (AarkLight)


Idea #16 – Ruins

A vast area that is basically a giant ruined metropolis built by a long forgotten civilization. Instead of trees, this biome could be surrounded by abandoned buildings and destroyed monuments. Resources wouldn’t be gathered naturally, but scavenged from the remains of the city. (AarkLight)


Idea #17 – Scorched Lands

A scorched biome with black, smoldering trees and burned soil. There could be vast areas covered in steam due to the rain evaporating after hitting the ground. (AarkLight)


Idea #18 – Lighting Biome

A biome that is constantly plagued by the Storm – trees are half-burned, lightning is striking more often than on other biomes, buildings are in danger of being destroyed. (AarkLight)


Idea #19 – Glowworm Forest

A dark forest covered by strange little lights, with an eerie atmosphere resembling the Glowworm Caves in New Zealand. (AarkLight)


Idea #20 – Crystal Forest

A rocky biome filled with crystal formations, with a strange fauna and flora made out of crystalline matter. (AarkLight)


Idea #21 – Giant Biome

Basically a forest from the perspective of an ant – a previously mundane undergrowth would now feel massive in scale and be extremely dangerous. Instead of trees, there could be some kind of giant grass (like Elephant Grass). (muramdamus)

Thank you

We would like to thank all participants who took their time to chat with us and share their impressions. We are grateful to all of you: Parthenon, Xellos, Procne, apocalyptic-moon, Mykin, Kuroyuki, AarkLight, Altivias, muramdamus.

The next Community Brainstorm is just around the corner. We hope you’ll join us once again:

May the storm be gentle on you.

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