Help us pick Villagers’ names. You can even suggest your own name!

We would also love to discuss with you what animals and plants could appear in the world of Against the Storm.

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What is Community Brainstorm?

Community Brainstorms are discussion sessions during which you can share your impressions, opinions, and references to help us shape the game.

In the previous Community Brainstorm, we discussed “Crimson biome” names and ideas for the new biomes.

You can read our summary of the session (and discover the name of the biome) here: Community Brainstorm – Pick a name for the biome! (summary)

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Here comes the Modest Update!

Here comes the Modest Update!

Greetings, Viceroys! The Cycle is nearing its end... Today's update is the last before 1.0 release. As we're wrapping things up, the update might...

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