We’re super excited to share our first fanfic story we received from Bear Bekker. Read the parable of the mysterious Queen:

That day the Queen was roused from her slumber by the roar of the storm. The vicious wind was tearing at the citadel, trying to ravage the last embers of civilization. The earthly fire languidly blazed inside the royal hearth, spreading the heat through the black obsidian stone of the keep, sheltering the three founding races akin to a cliff standing proud in the middle of a maelstrom. Their world was doomed to live through the rain of change. The great rain, infused with a curse of yore, obtained magical properties that allowed it to alter the world at its whim. Humans, Beavers, and Lizards were forced to survive in a world of change, a world where nothing was permanent. Only the Citadel stood…

Read the full story here:

Could this tale be real? Will we ever know the true story of the Queen?

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Update 1.2 out now!

Update 1.2 out now!

Greetings, Viceroys! Ever found yourself pondering where, for the Queen's sake, all the planks disappeared to? Wonder no more! Say hello to the new...

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