With your help, we were able to add 1320 villager names to the game. We also present some of the new resources based on your ideas. The full list of suggestions will serve us a long time.

Fauna & flora



Here are some of the ideas that are confirmed to appear in Against the Storm. We want to wholeheartedly thank everyone who contributed to the brainstorm.

Flora & fauna
Name Type Author
Slickshell meat, snail lewtrah
Grasscap mushrooms lewtrah
Moss Broccoli vegetables Abetare, Marcel [Pixel-Magazine.de]


Moss Broccoli

Moss Broccoli

Villager names

With your ideas for names and surnames, we were able to generate more than 1300 names that were already added to the game. Huge thanks go to:

  • MiniTigra
  • AarkLight
  • Pixade
  • AestheticMemeGod
  • WirePaw

Here are all the names that we use to generate villager names:

Villager names
Humans Beavers Lizardfolk
Male Female Surname Male Female Surname Male Female Surname
Renward Jasmine Stoutcaller Yonder Fay Nibblebark Zhors Varsha Stormtail
Eadmund Magnolia Goldblower Beyll Maye Treefell Ments Shux Redscale
Learic Adaline Lionchewer Hoag Ivy Snapperleaf Chox Zeiss Amberborn
Eadric Geraldine Stillhide Thom Ezili Snapperlog Yauk Vliss Emberblood
Faierward Brihanna Marshblood Arden Misty Seabrook Rik Scyse Sharptooth
Treowal Marigold Stormgrasp Rasso Lir Munchbranch Krahisz Zale Greybone
Eadward Sigfreda Riverton Claude Isla Boughcrunch Igrot Sapra Bloodclaw
Alton Brihanna Stonefist Rusty Doria Ashkin Dhesk Slithraa Stormclaw
Alford Bellatrix Amberjack Jiro Jade Twigleg Thorziz Nyoka Emberbeard
Alward Clementine Sandhurst Trion Hollis Barkhide Thithoz Lasha Redtongue
Ward Coraline Rainford Saku Lana Riverlog Oshun Hassa Dragonbait
Alder Mariana Colby Galia Sheshu Dhala
Earwyn Mildred Cod Maya Nag Nyoka
Hector Alfreda Birk Taila Gex Dhess
Brandon Friede Reed Vana Mazu Krahi
Baldwin Haralda Rowan Tasi Rex Syari
Hereward Brunnhild Flo Meri Lizaru Igrs
Ogden Belinda Havu Dee Sarff Gix
Harold Lilyana Leif Lily Bashu Thorza
Gaufrid Elfrida Skipper Rose Ormr Ormi


Clementine in-game

Influence the game

You can expect more Community Brainstorms in the future. In the meantime, you can continue sharing your ideas with us:

May the storm be gentle on you.
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