Dear Viceroys!

We just released the new demo patch in which we added some new features based on your feedback and fixed the reported issues. Thank you for all your feedback. Give us more! Moar!


  • Added the ‘Move’ icon to the moveable buildings’ blueprint
  • Added new tooltips for buildings User Interface (UI)
  • Blueprints at the Trading Post now have full building descriptions
  • Added new button to the World Map which allows you to enter the Smouldering City (as an alternative to clicking on the Smouldering City)
  • Added a character limit to the settlement’s name text box
  • Added new text for deselecting the area for deforestation
  • Added tooltip for Seasonal Resolve Effect 
  • Changed the way the Goods counter displays numbers with more than 3 digits
  • Disabled the possibility to run out of Tools in the first tutorial
  • Fixed the issue whereby Citadel Resources could get lost when unlocking new Upgrade

Let us know how do you like the new changes!

You can also support us by adding the game to your Epic Games Store wishlist and letting your friends know about the demo.

May the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games

The current demo version is: 0.8.13

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