Dear Viceroys!

Thank you for playing the demo and sharing your impressions with us. We were reminded what a thrill it is to develop the game along with you.

We just released the first patch with fixes the issues you reported:

  • Improved the in-game window scaling for various screen resolutions
  • Fixed the issue whereby camps’ range would remain after exiting the building’s panel
  • Fixed the issue with moving the Farm
  • Corrected some text errors

We closely observe all the streams and gameplays as well as take notes from your comments. If you want to share your impressions or join the discussion, join us and other players on Discord:

P.S. The demo is only available in English. The early access version will have more languages on launch. Keep your eyes open for upcoming announcements.

May the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games

The current version is: O.8.12

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