Dear Viceroys!

As we move closer to our first content update and an official roadmap, we released two patches with several fixes of issues you diligently reported over the last two days. Thank you for your help and overwhelmingly warm reception!

Changelog (0.9.16R):

  • Fixed multiple issues with the save files compatibility between the Early Access version and the Demo
  • Improved save stability and removed backup overriding
  • Goods in the “Trader offer” and “My offer” categories no longer disappear after buying a perk/blueprint for Amber
  • Fixed a bug where perks like “Ancient Pact” caused the glade information icons to be displayed above the already Discovered glades
  • Faction AI no longer hyper focuses on one tile on the World Map
  • Fixed a bug where Citadel Resources were incorrectly counted in the Cycle Summary View
  • Fixed a bug where the trader could offer already owned blueprints
  • Fixed a bug where Zhorg (Trader) wouldn’t buy building materials
  • Removed a duplicated Deed from the game
  • Fixed a bug where the sacrifice panel in the Hearth was incorrectly scaled after removing a “sacrifice block” effect
  • Fixed a bug where Firekeeper bonuses stayed active after the Firekeeper died or left the village
  • Fixed an issue with the extinguished Hearth automatically reigniting after loading the save
  • Adjusted the UI in places where translated text was too long (I’m looking at you, German language)
  • Removed the minus symbol from certain perk descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where the “complete order” sound was played after finishing a game
  • Fixed an issue with the intro voice-over volume being too low
  • Fixed multiple building construction sites, so the roof wouldn’t stick out from underneath the ground
  • Fixed a bug where villager numbers wouldn’t update on the HUD when the game was paused
  • Fixed a bug where the food category of goods was always open after loading a save
  • Fixed an issue with Resolve Effects overflowing in the Species Panel
  • Right-clicking on a building icon no longer opens up the building window
  • Fixed multiple issues with texts (grammar, perk names, incorrect icons in text, etc.)
  • Centered the Trader icon above the Trading Post
  • Fixed an issue with non-dismissable “Report not sent” notifications

Changelog (0.9.15R):

  • Fixed a bug where eating biscuits wouldn’t meet the Food need
  • Fixed a bug where Demo players who bought Upgrades during a Cycle could not finish the Cycle in the Early Access version
  • Corrected Hearth’s Sacrifice tooltip values
  • Fixed a bug where passive reputation bonus was incorrectly displayed on the species Resolve Bar tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where the building’s preview would lack ‘+’ and ‘=’ signs in the Recipes
  • Added a missing text in the building’s preview
  • Fixed a bug where the Ancient Pact would not show the content of regular glades
  • Russian localization improvements (due to an oversight on our end, some of the texts were not up-to-date)

Please make sure to update the game and let us know what you think about the changes!

Also, you can always track the progress of reported issues on our public bug tracker:

Out now in Early Access!

Against the Storm is out now in Early Access. Build cities inhabited by intelligent Beavers, Lizards, and Humans in a roguelite city builder in which it never stops raining!

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May the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games

The current Early Access version is: 0.9.16R

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