Dear Viceroys!

The unpredictable conditions of the wilds can be harsh to tame. Many before you failed, but we must learn from their expertise.

We present to you The Viceroy’s Guide in which you can find some useful tips that will help you settle the Royal Woodlands.

Change Ingredients in Recipes

If you can’t find specific resources on the map to produce a certain good, try changing the Recipe’s Ingredients in the building’s window. Simply click on the round icon and pick another good.

Do you want to produce Jerky, but don’t have any Insects? No worries, change them to Meat instead. You can also change the requirements of Glade events that way.

Select appropriate Map difficulty

Each tile on the World Map has a difficulty level. The further from the Smouldering City, the harder the tile becomes.

Also, consider other factors such as Resources availability, Positive and Negative effects, Season’s length and effects, the amount of fertile soil on the map, etc.

Use advanced fuel

Your last line of defense against the devastating forces of the Storm. Produce advanced fuel (Coal, Firewood) and burn it in the Ancient Hearth (main) to increase villagers morale. 

You can produce Coal in Kiln and Firewood in the Lumber Mill. Remember, when you run out of fuel, the Firekeeper won’t assign it the Hearth themself.

Build hubs

Don’t let your villagers go all the way back from glades to the Storage and the Hearth. 

When you grow your city and advance to distant glades, consider placing Makeshift Hearth and Storage. Your villagers will rest there and transport the resources to the closest Storage.

Establish Trade Routes

The Relations (Trade Routes) icon is located in the upper right corner of your screen. Relations allow you to set up Trade Routes with the Smouldering City and the settlements you established earlier (as long as they’re within a certain range).

You can get a perk or deliveries of certain goods as long as you offer something in exchange. The fees are periodic and the perks or resource deliveries last as long as you can afford them or until you cancel them.

Trade at the Trading Post

Once you build a Trading Post, Traders will visit it from time to time. You can exchange your goods for building blueprints, perks, or goods offered by the Trader.

When there’s no Trader in town, you can click on the Trading Post to discover when the next one arrives.

Process food

Even if you grow vegetables on your farms, the amount of food you produce will soon become insufficient for a growing population of villagers. The solution is to process the raw food and thus multiply it in the process.

For example, you can produce 5 Jerky from 3 Meat and feed more villagers that way. Some perks can highly increase that ratio or even produce some additional food as a byproduct.

You can process food (Jerky, Stew, and Biscuits) in Granary, Cookhouse, or Kiln.

Your Tips & Strategies

Do you have any additional tips that could help other players? Share a guide on Reddit or send us a message and we’ll add it to the article!

Have fun playing the game and join us on Discord for more tips.

May the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games

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